April 13

What is the MAF

MAF LogoMAF stands for Mission Aviation Fellowship, here is some of the info right from the official website:

Another drought has left your village without food.

It’s not your fault. It’s just… geography. Maybe if your village was a little lower, a little higher, a little more coastal. Maybe then you wouldn’t be at the mercy of such unpredictable weather. But this time it’s different. This time the drought has impacted the entire region – maybe even beyond.

You know it won’t last. Eventually the rains will come and the crops will grow. But for now, your family has a month of food left, maybe more if you don’t take your portion…

You’re hardworking and proud of what you have built for your family, and the last thing you want is a handout. But as you look into the faces of your children, you feel afraid for tomorrow.

This is a situation that is all too common in the developing world. But in areas frequented by drought and famine, MAF helps speed emergency supplies of food for today, as well as replacement seeds and simple farming tools to help provide for a better tomorrow.


In the aftermath of a war or political uprising, or following the devastation caused by earthquakes, hurricanes, or other natural catastrophes, when disaster strikes and people are left hurting, hungry, and in need, MAF is there.

More than a handout, MAF provides a hand-up

To the more than 1,000 faith-based ministries, and relief and development organizations operating in the developing world, MAF is the Strategic Link that enables them to reach people in isolated areas…

To the church planter, ministering to 30 jungle village churches, MAF is the Life Line, helping to bring the Gospel to those growing congregations of believers…

To the missionary serving in a remote part of the world, MAF is the Voice in the Darkness, bringing both traditional postal-mail and modern e-mail access where none has been possible before…

Whether it’s transporting relief supplies to a refugee camp, or flying doctors to a remote village, MAF’s “Wings of Love” bring more than just tools and supplies to a hurting world – we bring the Gospel of God’s love in a tangible way.

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