April 16

Formal Interview Completed!

This morning we had our formal video Skype interview with Lowell and Gary from MAF Canada. With all our family and friends praying for us, we felt confident going into the interview, and were free of concerns about giving a “wrong” answer. I was really happy being able to answer the question about how our family and friends feel about this possible life change for us. All of you who are already supporters in this have backed us up 100% and being able to say that without hesitation brought that home to myself personally with an exclamation point!

Even though we haven’t been accepted yet, each and every one of these steps moves us closer and I feel that this wouldn’t just be the three of us heading overseas, but a part of all of you would be coming with us in a way too. The scariest question to me was “what if you were called to MAF in a non pilot mode?” I have to admit that that would be the hardest part about answering God’s call for ministry, but I truly believe that if God feels we are to┬áserve with MAF, we’ll serve how he calls us to serve…

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  1. By Gaela on

    Good luck to you. Turning it over is all you can do. You have completed the footwork, now it’s just waiting.

    God Bless.

  2. By Kevin on

    Well I am not the praying kind, which is unfortunate because i would like to work for MAF and that is a biggie. Nonetheless, best wishes with this, they are truly a wonderful organization. If you get accepted it will be one of the most rewarding but challenging things you have ever done. If it doesn’t work out, good on you both for trying. And best of luck, Cheers Kevin.

  3. By Rev. Gary Boratto on

    Firstly Godspeed on your entry into a unique and challenging ministry! It must be deeply exciting. As a now disabled minister close to retirement I still have the itch, as it were, if only i could scratch it. I am now mostly doing pro-bono administrative work from the sidelines, alas.

    In any case, Godspeed.

    Rev. Gary Boratto
    Waterloo, Canada


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