April 29

Application Process is Completed!

transparent_paperworkLast night we got the final documents all put together and sent off to head office for processing. Praise God! Catherine and I enjoyed reading each other’s answers to the various questions, we found that even though we said pretty much the same things, we did it in very different ways 🙂 We had each worked on our individual paperwork separately and then came together to finish things up so it was pretty cool to see how “on the same page” we are on this, it is a testament to God giving us each the same push in this direction we believe.

The next step will entail all the folks checking over our entire application and making sure there isn’t anything missing anywhere. They will also be contacting our references for follow up and assuring the criminal record check comes back clean. Once that has all taken place, we will be sent for some medical and psych testing to make sure we can hack it in the remote locations that we may be asked to serve in.

Also, this week I must have added the “right” person on facebook as I’ve received several friend requests from fellow MAF pilots who are actually serving in the country and specific location that we both feel drawn to every time we ponder the possibilities. We’re praying that God will continue to reveal Himself in everything as we move forward. We also had the opportunity to share with Catherine’s Dad and step Mom about this decision in our lives and they were understandably very supportive as they can see just how much this means to our family.

We’ve also started signing up for various bible courses, some we can take online and others we will need to attend in person, please pray for strength and grace as we “go back to school”…

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