October 8


This page has been put together to document our (Steve & Catherine Morley) journey through the Mission Aviation Fellowship application process, and hopefully further document our service in the field of God’s choosing.

A little bit about us:

SteveSteve was raised in a Christian home, his father was a pentecostal minister during Steve’s youth. Steve accepted the Lord into his heart at a young age (around 6 years old) and has re-dedicated his life as he transitioned through teen and then adulthood. Steve began flying in 1988 before graduating high school, and was first interested in MAF even way back then. Most of Steve’s flying has been in British Columbia’s coastal area, he really enjoys mountain flying and the challenge of un-improved strips. As a flight instructor, Steve really loves helping others learn how to fly. Steve also acts as a ferry pilot, delivering airplanes across Canada and the United States on occasion. Steve is a deacon inĀ our church, in charge of the music program which is a ministry dear to his heart.

CatherineCatherine was born and raised in Victoria BC, to a church going family. She accepted Jesus into her heart when she was in grade 1. Music has always been an important part of her life, whether singing or playing a variety of instruments. As a young adult, she went to hairdressing school. After working off her apprenticeship, she took a summer off to work at the summer Bible camp she had attended as a child and met the love of her life (the lifeguard pictured above :-). Now she spends her days as a stay at home Mom to four wonderful children (two are still at home) and any “spare” time is spent volunteering at our church in women’s ministry and Sunday School.

Our family includes three adult children (2 daughters and 1 son), and one pre-school aged son who joined our family in 2014.

Cassandra, Ashton, Tamara

We own a small homebuilt airplane that is a lot of fun to fly around the area. It has conventional gear (tail wheel) which certainly keeps one on their toes flying into and out of our home strip (Duncan (CAM3)).



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